Tiny Monsters Game

Have you ever considered becoming a farmer and raise livestock as a life choice? Kicking back, relaxing and enjoying what your hard work has yielded can definitely give you some sort of inner peace. However, what about raising monsters? Do you think you can handle it? Even if real-life monsters aren’t real, you have the opportunity to see what it would be like to live in a fantasy world and raise them in the Tiny Monsters game. In it, you will be raising cure monsters in a floating island and have people come from all over to see the wonderful things you have created.

This single-player game allows you to take the role of a monster breeder who lives in a mountain that is well above the clouds. Kind of takes the cake when it comes to fantasy, right? So what you have is an empty plain on a mountain and you want to start breeding your own monsters. The first thing you do is buy a monster egg, of course! Tiny Monsters gives you the chance to grow these cute creatures starting from infancy (if you can call it that) all through adolescence. Of course, what’s interesting about the game is that you cannot just place them anywhere you please and expect them to grow immediately. Each monster has a class type in which the right type of habitat should also be used. For instance, if you have a fire monster, a fire habitat needs to be built in order to house him in. Don’t worry as the game’s menu will help you out so it won’t get confusing at all.

Another fun factor when playing the Tiny Monsters game is that you also get to feed the monsters you grow. You put up a farm, grow crops and use them to feed your baby monsters. It’s quite similar to reality, yes? Achievements can also be unlocked as you play the game. In addition, for every monster you grow, you unlock another type which you can breed as well. So the further you progress in Tiny Monsters, the more buildings and monsters you will be able to create.

Besides the monsters that are readily available, you can also cross-breed certain types to make your own class of creatures! This is similar to cross-pollinating plants but this time you’re doing it with monsters. You also don’t have to worry about running out of things to do because there will always be quests that need to be done. If you get tired of looking at the current structures you have as well as the environment, you can also decorate your surroundings to suit your taste. Finally, every time you make an upgrade, build habitats and even create new breeds of monsters you will be getting multiple achievements that you can brag about to your friends. Tiny Monsters is a title that you will definitely have a great time playing especially when you factor in the great graphics and sound that is integrated into the game!