Breeding Guide

Tiny Monsters come in many breeds. The common breeds are air, earth, fire, water, electric, ice, and plant. There are hybrid varieties on each of the elements. There is also an ultra-rare breed of monster called the Legendary monster. Here is a useful Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide to aid you in farming those precious tiny gems:

Common Breeds

Fire. The first monster you get for 50 coins. Breed a Fire monster with another one like it to produce a fire monster.

Earth. A monster you play at the game’s beginning. Get this by breeding two Earth monsters. You can still get this after breeding an earth monster with a Tree or Magma monster.

Plant. Plant is also another beginning monster. Buy a Plant monster or breed two Plant monsters to get one.

Ice. The Ice monster has four elements in it so if you use it for breeding, you get various monsters. You can get Ice by breeding two of them or even a fire and ice monster.

Electric. When you reach Level 12, you can buy an Electric monster for 3800 coins. You can also get another electric monster when you breed two Electric monsters.

Water. Buy a Water monster for 28,300 coins when you reach at least level 14 or breed two Water monsters to have one.

Air. This is harder to get because it’s more expensive and you need to be at Level 20. If you breed a Water-related monster to a Fire-related monster, you’ll have an Air monster. For example: Flare monster and River monster.


Cinder. Breed Fire and Earth / Magma and Earth to get Cinder.

Flare. For a Flare monster, let a fire monster and an Electric monster breed.

Inferno. Fire monster plus Air monster results to an Inferno.

Magma. A Fire monster and an Earth monster combined produce a Magma monster.


Earthquake. Earth monster and Electric monster creates Earthquake monster.

Mountain. An Earth monster bred to a Plant, Tree, Bug or Cinder monster makes a Mountain.  


Tree. Put a Plant and an Earth monster together to have a Tree. Try also Cinder and Pond.

Bug. Combine a Plant with a Flower or a Fire monster to have a Bug.

Flower. A Flower monster is made by breeding a Plant with a Fire monster.

Pollen. Get a Pollen monster from a Plant and an Air monster.


Flashfreeze. Flashfreeze is made from an Ice Monster and an Electric or a Spark monster.

Freeze. An Ice monster and a Water monster turn up a Freeze monster.

Frost. Breed an Ice monster with Magma or Earth to get a Frost monster.

Snowbluff. Breed a Frost monster with an Earth monster to have Snowbluff.


Bolt. Electric monster and Air monster makes Bolt.

Shockwave. Add an Electric monster and a Water element to have a Shockwave.

Spark. An Electric monster and an Ice monster make a Spark monster.

Strike. Breed an Electric monster with a Fire or Flare monster to get Strike.

HYBRID WATER                           

Bayou. A Water and a Plant Monster makes a Bayou. Pond and Water or Plant also works.

Pond. Make a River monster with a Water monster and an Earth or Cinder monster.

Puff. Breed a Water monster and an Air monster to get a Puff.

Seacliff. Use a Water and an Earth monster to get a Seacliff.

HYBRID AIR                            

Flurry. Air and Frost makes a Flurry monster.

Vapor. Create a Vapor monster with an Air monster and a Water monster.

Flitter. Breed an Air monster with a Plant monster for a Flitter.

Zephyr. Use an Air monster and an Ice monster to have a Zephyr.


Legendary. Like all the monsters, you can buy a Legendary monster but this is the most expensive of all. Try breeding Hybrid monsters to get a Legendary monster.