Tiny Monsters

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Yes, monsters do exist and their are tiny, let’s start with that. Ever wanted to breed rare animals or have your own plant farm? How about growing rare MONSTERS in your own village?! In Tiny Monsters you raise, breed and hatch all kinds of adorable monsters and care for them until they evolve! Keep a close eye for special mysterious monsters and find he one and only Legendary monster if you got a sharp eye!

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Imagine your own little exotic colony, where rare magical monsters breed and create wonderful new species of unusual critters. In Tiny Monsters, there is almost no limit to what you can do with your very own animal village, located high above the earth, in a floating Avatar-like landscape, surrounded by clouds and magic all around!

Think you got what it takes to form the ultimate Zoo community? Don’t you just love monsters and want to pet them all day? Why are you still here!? Go manage your monster community – they need you now!

Struggling with the game? Check out exclusive Game Guide! Discover everything there is to know about raising, breeding and managing your own animals community!